Chris’ Highlight Of The Week

Each Saturday at 9am, one of our delightful team members will feature their favourite showroom piece.  You will be able to purchase it for 20% off, until the following Friday at 5pm!  Subscribe to our blog, so that you don’t miss the action.  Who knows, you may find that absolutely perfect light fixture or accessory!

Dimond lamp

A lamp makes a great gift and this beautiful table lamp from Dimond is no exception. With its soft lines and soothing colors it would make a relaxing addition to a living room or bedroom. Priced at $180 for one week only (regular price $225.15).

1 thought on “Chris’ Highlight Of The Week

  1. Hello Chris! The purple lamp looks great! You and your staff must all be excited to be moving to a larger space – hope your new location works out really well. Also, hope to see you at Dad’s 90th birthday open house at KRC, 2 – 3:30pm, on Sunday the 17th.

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