“a daunting and exhausting task turned out to be completely fun and fabulous!”

Often, our clients can say it better than we every can…

This, in praise of our very own, Mike Butler.  Way to go, Mike!

“Let me begin by saying thank you so much for your continued service and follow-up, almost a year after we’ve moved into our new home.  Amazing customer service is all I can say about that!

When it came time towards the end of the choosing phase for the interior finishes of our new home last year, I was overwhelmed with all the options I had available for lighting: ordering online, going with the builder’s recommended dealer, or dealing with the local studio down the street.

None of these choices appealed to me once I starting researching.  I did not want to take on one of the biggest design elements of my home without the guidance and expert eye of a trusted professional.

Then the most amazing thing happened: I was introduced to Mike Butler and Atlantic Lighting Studio and I instantly felt at ease and taken care of.  What potentially could have been a daunting and exhausting task, turned out to be completely fun and fabulous!

Kichler's Hattaras Bay Pendant

Kichler’s Hattaras Bay Pendant

Mike, you took my floor plans and studied them, looked at pictures I liked from my favourite design web sites, and sat with me for hours to choose the right fixture for each room, until I had the perfect pieces.

The greatest part of my experience with Atlantic Lighting Studio is actually seeing the finished product, and seeing that it’s even more beautiful than I had imagined. Mike, your experience and eye for what works and what doesn’t sets you apart, and the confidence with which you advise makes a client feel taken care and secure in his or her choices.

Besides the fact that I get complements every week on my lighting, I myself am still in awe of my favourites a year later!

Bravo to you and Atlantic Lighting Studio for making my experience an unforgettable one.  I can assure you, I will be a life-long client and I will recommend you to all my clients, friends and family!”

Thank you, Marilisa B. from Halifax, NS!

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