Rooftight Design Centre Shines

We customize our relationships with builders, designers and architects to give them just what they need to meet their lighting goals. Some have resources to attend to all aspects of designing, specifying and sourcing lighting and simply ask us to fill their orders.  Others call on Atlantic Lighting Studio to handle the whole process – design lighting plans, determine the ideal fixtures and pull together cohesive, creative lighting that showcases their designs while keeping them on budget.

Between those two extremes, are clients like Rooftight Construction who rely on our expertise for parts of their process and have their own expertise to handle the rest. With this type of client, we mold ourselves to be what they need – sourcing when called upon, advising when asked and being a sounding board for new ideas.

Rooftight’s Michelle Reid is Director of Marketing and Design and columnist for the Homes Section of the Chronicle-Herald newspaper.  I recently visited Michelle and Director of Sales, Angie Garnier at Rooftight’s beautifully crafted Design Centre in Fall River.

It was so exciting to see their model home outfitted with well-chosen lighting that compliments the design and provides the right light for the family who will one day live in this stunning home.  Michelle, with her home-style-smarts and decerning eye for good, livable design, pulled together a well thought-out lighting plan, incorporating beautiful light fixtures.  Atlantic Lighting Studio supported her with exactly what she needed.  After all, Michelle’s goal and our’s is the same – to ensure that Rooftight homes shine!

Check out the lighting in the Rooftight Design Centre. Click on any image to start a full sized slideshow and see lighting design tips.

Photography by yours truly.

Until next time,

Deborah Nicholson, LS

Reassuring Words

While we feel shy about posting testimonials from our clients, we realize that testimonials help to reassure others that they’re in good hands at Atlantic Lighting Studio.  Here’s one from Nancy in Kentville:

Deborah has a manner about her which helped me feel relaxed and trusting of her judgement   My expectations are extremely high when it comes to customer service. Working with Deborah and the staff at Atlantic Lighting Studio was beyond the sit down table consultation.  She worked with me, viewed my space, listened to what I was saying and then the search began. I was thrilled that Deborah was able to position herself into my thinking space and really figure out what it was that I was seeking.  She collected all of this information and then worked her magic.  I could tell that she knew her product lines and what was current in the market place.  The advice I received was beyond what was trendy today. They are choices that won’t become dated a few years from now.

Varaluz Soho Chandelier for Nancy's Foyer

Varaluz Soho Chandelier for Nancy’s Foyer

Hubbardton Forge – Modern American Blacksmiths

Looking for hand-crafted, inspired modern lighting classics?  Hubbardton Forge delivers. Here’s their story:

1974…It was the year of the Watergate scandal, The Sting was a box-office hit, and aspiring artists and entrepreneurs George Chandler and Reed Hampton fired up their first blacksmithing forge in a drafty old Vermont barn.

With anvils, swage blocks, trip hammers and other tools from a bygone era, the two set out to revive the nearly forgotten craft of hand-forging raw metal into functional art. Their innovative designs became recognized for their simplicity and integrity. From these humble beginnings, one of the most respected brands in the industry was born.

Today, Hubbardton Forge is the oldest and largest commercial forge in the country with a team of over 200 people creating hand-forged lighting of timeless beauty and artistry…an American wrought-iron renaissance.

Come visit our showroom at 430 Main Street in Wolfville to experience the quality of Hubbardton Forge in person.

Bird Cage Chandeliers – Feather Your Nest With One!

A bird cage chandelier is an elegant and unexpected lighting fixture that serves as functional art for your home.  The element of surprise and the intricate detailing certainly add instant pizzazz!  We have this particular beauty in our showroom and many other bird cage chandeliers to introduce to you.

Quorum Red Bird Cage $770 CDN

Quorum Red Bird Cage $770 CDN
Item Specs: Red Pendant 18″D x 27.5″H 4 x 60W Candelabra


This, the Red Bird Cage from Quorum, is presently in our showroom and worth a close look (photos never do justice to beautiful lighting).  This charmer would be awesome in a foyer, a reading nook, over a small dining table or add a second for placement over a long dining table.  For ceilings over 9.5 feet high, this chandelier would be a stunning focal point in any room of your home.

To help you envision how a bird cage chandelier could look in your home, here are two very different rooms, employing the same type of chandelier.  In both cases, the bird cage has added a focal point with a sense of fun and whimsy.

Child Bedroom Bird Cage

Get either of these looks with several options available Atlantic Lighting Studio.

RH BirdCage

If you’re uncertain about whether a bird cage chandelier would be right for you and your home, please call, email or visit us for a professional, objective few point.  Photos of your space and your style preferences are always helpful when having a conversation about your lighting, so bring or send them along!

Until next time,

Deborah Nicholson, Lighting Specialist and Accredited Interior Decorator

Getting it Right

Getting it right with light requires a balance between harmony and function.  By harmony, we mean that the lighting works in harmony with the home’s architectural elements and furnishings, as well as with the client’s use of the space and the client’s budget.

The other side of the balance is function.  Beginning with the selection of the appropriate bulbs, we examine the intended uses of the lighting, and of the space, to specify fixtures that meet the needs of the people using the space.

Below, are some selections I specified for a recent renovation project.  The objective here was to bring together fixtures that would work well in their environment and with each other, while maintaining an element of surprise (our client didn’t want the fixtures to match one another).  A major consideration was to select lighting that would function well from sometimes less than optimal junction box placement.

Budget was a factor, so I specified fixtures that were stylish, well-crafted and not hugely expensive.  Also, to meet budget, we planned the project so that necessary and beautiful lighting would be in place on move-in day with future installation planned for in a second stage to follow.  For example, the library has beautiful recessed lighting and is ready for floor lamp reading lights and picture lights to be added later.

Entrance Lantern

Foyer Light

Foyer to Kitchen Lights

Vanity Light

Bathroom Lighting

Ceiling Fan

If you have questions about this project, these fixtures, your own project or lighting in general, please call or email.

Kind regards,
Deborah, Lighting Specialist