It’s Time for a New Switch

Attention, attention! You need to check out this collection available at Atlantic Lighting Studio!

Adorne is a new collection from Legrande of innovative swtiches, dimmers, outlets, wall plates and also wireless systems for the home. The Adorne collection shows off its incredible and efficient technology that makes you feel like you jumped into the future. With just a tap of a finger, a wave of a hand, or even your presence in the room can control the lighting of your entire home.

Have you ever imagined an outlet that could do more than just be plugged into? From an outlet that hides until you need it, to convenient in-wall smart device connections, Adorne has taken the ordinary to an extraordinary level.








Adorne also has 32 beautiful wall plate options for you to choose from. No matter what decor your room has, Adorne has a switch for you so you can add a little fun to your home. Check out the Product Visualizer on Adorne’s website allows you to make sure your wall plate suits your look:

Nightlights come in all shapes and sizes – but finding a sophisticated nightlight that hides itself proves to be a difficult task. Adorne took the standard nightlight and converted it to pure brilliance. With a simple touch, the nightlight appears. With a simple push, the nightlight detaches from the wall and can be used as a portable flashlight.










Enjoy the living space of the future without rewiring the entire house. Adorne’s Wireless Home Systems feature devices that “talk” to each other and you can control wirelessly. Now, you can create lighting scenes that put your home in the very best light. Take a look at Adorne’s “Tricks of Light”:

Want more fun? MeeIntercomDoorbell_Webt the revolutionized peephole. The Adorne Wireless Video Intercom Kit includes one exterior video doorbell camera and one interior intercom unit to receive camera images, so you can see who’s at the front door from multiple locations in your home.




The best part about the Adorne collection is that you can order everything from Atlantic Lighting Studio and you can also check out the beautiful display in our studio!

The New TCP Connect

In store now!
TCP Connected is a technology that allows the user to control the lighting in their home from their computer or smartphone. By installing the “Smart Bulbs”, the TCP Connected system uses the internet to communicate with the energy efficient LED light bulbs. Just by downloading the TCP Lighting app, you can control your lighting as easy as 1, 2, 3. You can personalize your lighting controls on your app as well.

Here is a diagram that shows how the app works with the lighting system:


See more about the TCP Connected system with the link below:

The TCP Connected Starter Kit is available here at Atlantic Lighting Studio, so be sure to stop by and take a look at this cool system!

Atlantic Lighting Studio in Fine Homes Halifax Fall 2014

We have exciting news! Fine Lifestyles has created a new magazine called “Fine Homes” (which is definitely a good read), and the second issue was just released this fall with a special surprise… Atlantic Lighting Studio is featured in the magazine with a three page article! Check us out on pages 50 – 52!


Goode Fun

Creating a lighting plan and helping select lighting for Kerri and Jeff Goode was a blast! They walked into the showroom with open minds and good humour and it wasn’t long before I discovered their new home would be touched here and there with whimsy and imagination.  The lighting programme for their new ultra energy efficient home called for energy efficiency, uniqueness that reflected their taste and sense of fun, and as low budget as we could manage.

To meet the objectives of their programme, I focused on selecting fixtures and locations that would provide the maximum amount of light in the best possible locations.  I specified omnidirectional fixtures that would reflect additional light off the ceilings and used energy efficient LED and CFL bulbs throughout.   I made certain not to over light, but did ensure that the lighting plan provided a generous amount of light for tasks, accent and ambiance.


Once we were all clear on the plan and the types of fixtures required at each location, we were free to have some fun, selecting from a mad array of lighting options.  We met in person, emailed and made full use of Pinterest to assemble all ideas.

Here’s a photo the Goodes presented early on which speaks volumes on how they envisioned the lighting for their new home.  It wasn’t necessarily to be taken literally, but it told me a great deal about the look and feel they were seeking.


These curvy pendants were the catalyst that led the way to the choices of dining room chandelier, living room pendant, hall, bedroom and bathroom vanity lights.

LivingRoomThis gorgeous green pendant, nicknamed “Race Day Hat” by Kerri and Jeff, graces the coffered ceiling of their living room in the open plan.  The curved form works splendidly with the kitchen island that’s in full view and a few feet away.

The dining room, also in full view of the kitchen, livingroom and front entry, has windows on the south and east and Jeff really wanted the sunlight, streaming in, to dazzle and play off surfaces.  What better way to create movement and colour and sparkle than to add some crystal bling!

Dining RoomWe all agreed that this combination of chrome, rows of circles and the decidely modern form would present chandelier sparkle without looking too grown up.

This puffy, donutty shape was little pricy for the budget, but it did inspire the hall and bedroom lights.

inspiation3Inexpensive plug-in rope light went into the coffered ceilings in the livingroom, dining room and master bedroom, with the plan to switch it out for LED in a couple of years when budget allows.

A row of these fun little ceiling lights, at $53 and only 5.75″ diameter, light up the galley kitchen as well as halls and doorways.

Kitchen and Hall

MasterBathThis bathroom vanity light (one for either side of the mirror) picks up on the shapes of the lighting throughtout the home and provides just the right amount of sparkle to compliment the mini crystal chandelier over the tub.  Best of all, the frosted inside of the glass diffuses the light for good grooming.

Here are a few photos of the finshed results.


Two small and one larger pendant provide ample task light over the island, while ceiling-mounted lights illuminate the cabinet faces and ceiling.  These were a more budget-conscious option compared to recessed lighting in this insulated ceiling.  There is undercabinet task lighting and a receptacle in place so Kerri and Jeff can add over-cabinet lighting when the budget allows.


Notice how the curves in the chandelier over the bathtub mirror the curves of the faucet and even the tub!  Oh my! and the bathroom scales, as well!P1013466P1013469P1013472
Wall-mounted, puffy, cloud-like fixtures light the way in the short bedroom hall, rather than the usual ceiling lights.P1013478P1013473I feel a deep gratitude toward Kerri and Jeff who were delightfully fun to work with, but more importantly, invited me to share my lighting knowledge and considered all ideas.  I’m honoured to have had the privilege of getting to know them and seeing their dream home come to life.  Here are Jeff and Kerri’s thoughts on their experience which they so generously and thoughtfully recorded for me:

“The lighting in our home is a source of pleasure for us each and every day and we cannot begin to express our gratitude to all the staff at Atlantic Lighting Studio. We are now your biggest fans and cannot recommend or speak highly enough of you!  Thank you so much for all your help!”

Kerri and Jeff Goode

Overheard in the Showroom…

“The Lighting Specialists are not afraid to say no, that won’t work for your lighting situation.”

Reassuring Words

While we feel shy about posting testimonials from our clients, we realize that testimonials help to reassure others that they’re in good hands at Atlantic Lighting Studio.  Here’s one from Nancy in Kentville:

Deborah has a manner about her which helped me feel relaxed and trusting of her judgement   My expectations are extremely high when it comes to customer service. Working with Deborah and the staff at Atlantic Lighting Studio was beyond the sit down table consultation.  She worked with me, viewed my space, listened to what I was saying and then the search began. I was thrilled that Deborah was able to position herself into my thinking space and really figure out what it was that I was seeking.  She collected all of this information and then worked her magic.  I could tell that she knew her product lines and what was current in the market place.  The advice I received was beyond what was trendy today. They are choices that won’t become dated a few years from now.

Varaluz Soho Chandelier for Nancy's Foyer

Varaluz Soho Chandelier for Nancy’s Foyer

“a daunting and exhausting task turned out to be completely fun and fabulous!”

Often, our clients can say it better than we every can…

This, in praise of our very own, Mike Butler.  Way to go, Mike!

“Let me begin by saying thank you so much for your continued service and follow-up, almost a year after we’ve moved into our new home.  Amazing customer service is all I can say about that!

When it came time towards the end of the choosing phase for the interior finishes of our new home last year, I was overwhelmed with all the options I had available for lighting: ordering online, going with the builder’s recommended dealer, or dealing with the local studio down the street.

None of these choices appealed to me once I starting researching.  I did not want to take on one of the biggest design elements of my home without the guidance and expert eye of a trusted professional.

Then the most amazing thing happened: I was introduced to Mike Butler and Atlantic Lighting Studio and I instantly felt at ease and taken care of.  What potentially could have been a daunting and exhausting task, turned out to be completely fun and fabulous!

Kichler's Hattaras Bay Pendant

Kichler’s Hattaras Bay Pendant

Mike, you took my floor plans and studied them, looked at pictures I liked from my favourite design web sites, and sat with me for hours to choose the right fixture for each room, until I had the perfect pieces.

The greatest part of my experience with Atlantic Lighting Studio is actually seeing the finished product, and seeing that it’s even more beautiful than I had imagined. Mike, your experience and eye for what works and what doesn’t sets you apart, and the confidence with which you advise makes a client feel taken care and secure in his or her choices.

Besides the fact that I get complements every week on my lighting, I myself am still in awe of my favourites a year later!

Bravo to you and Atlantic Lighting Studio for making my experience an unforgettable one.  I can assure you, I will be a life-long client and I will recommend you to all my clients, friends and family!”

Thank you, Marilisa B. from Halifax, NS!