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We take great pride in our reputation for outstanding customer care and it is so lovely to have it acknowledged!

“I am absolutely thrilled with {my chandelier}.  I have to say that the level of service and attention that you provided to me from the onset of this transaction has been outstanding.  Being in the customer service industry I know how important it is to meet your customers needs and you have proved to me the impact it has on the customer when done right!” Valerie J. Ryan MBA, Chief Operating Officer  │ Empire Theatres Limited


Just thought we would share this with you. 🙂

Getting it Right

Getting it right with light requires a balance between harmony and function.  By harmony, we mean that the lighting works in harmony with the home’s architectural elements and furnishings, as well as with the client’s use of the space and the client’s budget.

The other side of the balance is function.  Beginning with the selection of the appropriate bulbs, we examine the intended uses of the lighting, and of the space, to specify fixtures that meet the needs of the people using the space.

Below, are some selections I specified for a recent renovation project.  The objective here was to bring together fixtures that would work well in their environment and with each other, while maintaining an element of surprise (our client didn’t want the fixtures to match one another).  A major consideration was to select lighting that would function well from sometimes less than optimal junction box placement.

Budget was a factor, so I specified fixtures that were stylish, well-crafted and not hugely expensive.  Also, to meet budget, we planned the project so that necessary and beautiful lighting would be in place on move-in day with future installation planned for in a second stage to follow.  For example, the library has beautiful recessed lighting and is ready for floor lamp reading lights and picture lights to be added later.

Entrance Lantern

Foyer Light

Foyer to Kitchen Lights

Vanity Light

Bathroom Lighting

Ceiling Fan

If you have questions about this project, these fixtures, your own project or lighting in general, please call or email.

Kind regards,
Deborah, Lighting Specialist


Careful Placing for Recessed Lighting

Sadly, recessed downlights are sometimes installed above the places where people sit or stand.  This practice creates harsh shadows on people’s faces and/or causes shadows to be cast over work surfaces.   Since a fixed recessed downlight only provides a circle of light directly below the fixture, it is imperative to position it wisely.
Adjustable recessed fixtures offer a lot more flexibility in directing the light.   Bouncing light off the wall (while highlighting artwork) can be very effective when lighting living spaces. If your recessed lights have yet to be installed, talk to a lighting professional to make sure you are getting the  amount of light you need and in the right places.
There’s a dazzling array of options available in recessed lighting these days.  Before popping a whole lot of lights into your ceiling, talk to us about the right sizes, trims, bulbs and placement for your project.  Mention this post and you’ll receive 5% off your next purchase.  (Not valid with any other offer.)
Chris,  Mike,  Mary  and Deborah

Lighting the Way

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Proper lighting can take a garden from a daytime beauty to a nighttime enchantment.  Landscape lighting increases the amount of time that you can enjoy your outdoor spaces.  It provides illumination for walkways and play, seating and entertainment areas.

Placing the right fixtures in just the right spots takes both technical know-how and an artistic eye.  This enchanted garden was the fruit of many hands and many creative minds.

Initial Concept – David Ripley, Beacon Hill Designs
Design and Landscaping – Kari Hjelkrem, Down to Earth Landscaping
Lighting Design and Installation – Mike Davies, Davies and O’Leary
Lighting Design – Mike Butler, Atlantic Lighting Studio
Photography – Deborah Nicholson, Deborah Nicholson Photography

and of course, Sheila McCurdy, Proud Owner

Share your vision for your outdoor space.  Our Lighting Specialists will handle the details.  We won’t lead you down the garden path, but we will light your way!

We’re Having a Birthday!

Hard to believe it was 10 years ago that Atlantic Lighting Studio opened its doors at 16 Elm Avenue in Wolfville. Styles have changed, technologies have advanced over the past decade, and consumers are making more informed, more sophisticated decisions.

Keeping in step with these lighting industry changes, we’re continually learning – earning Lighting Specialist designations and Interior Design certifications.  Chris has attained the auspicious Certified Lighting Consultant designation (one of only three in Canada!)

To celebrate our first decade, we’re thrilled to be offering 30% off everything in our showroom, plus a chance to win an extra 10% off!  And, we’ll be sharing the proceeds from this one day event with The Wolfville Food Bank. So, if you’re looking for a single lamp or an entire home full of lighting, Saturday, May 26th is the day to save big and celebrate with us!

Bring Out the Best

HGTV’s Front Door lists changing out lighting as one of the five best value projects to add appeal to your home. 

pendants over piano

Lighting can affect a home’s value, according to HGTV’s Front Door. The publication recently stated that understanding the different types of home lighting is crucial to brightening a space in the correct way. Leslie Sellers, president of the Appraisal Institute, says, “lighting sets the overall mood for your home. Washing the walls with the correct light will make a room feel more inviting, and many times, much bigger.”

Lighting can completely transform a space by affecting mood, enhancing the design and architecture, facilitating specific tasks, and creating a focal point. A popular lighting trend is the use of LEDs (light-emitting diodes). Though more expensive than regular incandescent light bulbs, LEDs last much longer, are more durable, do not flicker and withstand temperature fluctuations.

chandelier in bathroom

To bring out the best in your home, it is imperative to understand the different types of light sources. For example, some areas, such as a kitchen, require task lighting, while other areas, such as a bathroom, may need more ambient lighting, and other rooms will need various light combinations.

Tell us how your lighting isn’t working for you and we’ll guide you toward solutions that work both functionally and beautifully.  Mention this post and receive 5% off of your next purchase at Atlantic Lighting Studio.  (Not valid with any other offers.)

– selected from September 2011 issue of Bright Ideas, American Lighting Association


Our blog is brand new but soon it will prove to be enlightening for those who imagine their lives illuminated with lighting solutions that are both beautiful and functional.

While we’re gathering our collective lighting expertise and ideas into helpful blog posts, we would be delighted to answer your questions and guide you in your lighting search.

Lighting doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require expertise to make the right choices.  Whether you’re searching for that one perfect fixture, redoing a room or starting from the ground up, you’ll find our team of Lighting Specialists at 902-542-3431 or at info@atlanticlightingstudio.com or at 16 Elm Ave. in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

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