Lighting Styles

Is your home in desperate need of something unique? It’s hard to keep up to date with the modern trends of lighting in today’s society, but thinking “outside-the-box” can definitely give you an edge with style. Hanging just one fixture in a room is no longer the most popular style. Nancy McCoy (a lighting designer from San Francisco, USA) has shown a couple ways to make your home “pop” by using two different techniques of lighting.

Cluster (184x280)

By having a cluster of lighting fixtures, it provides freedom to move furniture around in many areas of the room, but also adds a bold sophistication.

Track (185x276)

Rail lighting is another designer trend. It is a unique way to pull electricity around the room, but it also stands out as a sculptural design.

Rooftight Design Centre Shines

We customize our relationships with builders, designers and architects to give them just what they need to meet their lighting goals. Some have resources to attend to all aspects of designing, specifying and sourcing lighting and simply ask us to fill their orders.  Others call on Atlantic Lighting Studio to handle the whole process – design lighting plans, determine the ideal fixtures and pull together cohesive, creative lighting that showcases their designs while keeping them on budget.

Between those two extremes, are clients like Rooftight Construction who rely on our expertise for parts of their process and have their own expertise to handle the rest. With this type of client, we mold ourselves to be what they need – sourcing when called upon, advising when asked and being a sounding board for new ideas.

Rooftight’s Michelle Reid is Director of Marketing and Design and columnist for the Homes Section of the Chronicle-Herald newspaper.  I recently visited Michelle and Director of Sales, Angie Garnier at Rooftight’s beautifully crafted Design Centre in Fall River.

It was so exciting to see their model home outfitted with well-chosen lighting that compliments the design and provides the right light for the family who will one day live in this stunning home.  Michelle, with her home-style-smarts and decerning eye for good, livable design, pulled together a well thought-out lighting plan, incorporating beautiful light fixtures.  Atlantic Lighting Studio supported her with exactly what she needed.  After all, Michelle’s goal and our’s is the same – to ensure that Rooftight homes shine!

Check out the lighting in the Rooftight Design Centre. Click on any image to start a full sized slideshow and see lighting design tips.

Photography by yours truly.

Until next time,

Deborah Nicholson, LS

Bird Cage Chandeliers – Feather Your Nest With One!

A bird cage chandelier is an elegant and unexpected lighting fixture that serves as functional art for your home.  The element of surprise and the intricate detailing certainly add instant pizzazz!  We have this particular beauty in our showroom and many other bird cage chandeliers to introduce to you.

Quorum Red Bird Cage $770 CDN

Quorum Red Bird Cage $770 CDN
Item Specs: Red Pendant 18″D x 27.5″H 4 x 60W Candelabra


This, the Red Bird Cage from Quorum, is presently in our showroom and worth a close look (photos never do justice to beautiful lighting).  This charmer would be awesome in a foyer, a reading nook, over a small dining table or add a second for placement over a long dining table.  For ceilings over 9.5 feet high, this chandelier would be a stunning focal point in any room of your home.

To help you envision how a bird cage chandelier could look in your home, here are two very different rooms, employing the same type of chandelier.  In both cases, the bird cage has added a focal point with a sense of fun and whimsy.

Child Bedroom Bird Cage

Get either of these looks with several options available Atlantic Lighting Studio.

RH BirdCage

If you’re uncertain about whether a bird cage chandelier would be right for you and your home, please call, email or visit us for a professional, objective few point.  Photos of your space and your style preferences are always helpful when having a conversation about your lighting, so bring or send them along!

Until next time,

Deborah Nicholson, Lighting Specialist and Accredited Interior Decorator

Emma’s Highlight Of The Week!

Each Saturday at 9am, one of our delightful team members will feature their favourite showroom piece.  You will be able to purchase it for 20% off, until the following Friday at 5pm!  Subscribe to our blog, so that you don’t miss the action.  Who knows, you may find that absolutely perfect light fixture or accessory!

anvil lantern

New to the showroom, this wonderful Mission Style exterior lantern will look fabulous brightening your front entrance from either the inside or the out.  A quality Kichler pendant, 18.75″ H x 9″D, with easy-on-the-eyes-frosted glass.  Yours for $248.80 this week only (regular price $311).



The Chronicle Herald Q&A with Atlantic Lighting’s Chris MacQuarrie

Our very own Chris MacQuarrie recently shared her lighting expertise with Lindsey Bunin of The Chronicle Herald. If you didn’t get a chance to read the original article, then take a look at Chris’ fantastic advice on how to make the most of your lighting.

‘In a showroom full of fixtures, one light is bound to stand out from the rest. Chris MacQuarrie is one such star in the local industry. She has been in the lighting business for nearly 20 years, and she’s come a long way from selling fixtures.

“The more I learned about lighting, the more I realized there was a lot more I needed to know,” MacQuarrie explains.

MacQuarrie is a member of the American Lighting Association, through which she and her staff at Atlantic Lighting Studio have been able to take courses to upgrade skills. Lighting technology is rapidly changing and we need to keep on top of what is available, she explains. That is why she took the exam last fall to become a Certified Lighting Consultant – only one of three in Canada (and the only one east of Winnipeg) with this designation.

MacQuarrie recently sat down with Herald Homes to share some insights on how you can maximize the lighting in your own home.

HH: How important a role does lighting play to a room’s décor and overall statement?

CM: Lighting can be a part of the decor as well as be functional. A decorative fixture should blend with the style of the room. You don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb. Highlighting something in the room such as an architectural feature or a piece of art can really enhance a room’s decor. In this case you want to minimize the appearance of the fixture so the highlighted feature is noticed, not the fixture.

HH: How detrimental is bad lighting to a room?

CM: Poor lighting can make a room feel oppressive and make a person feel “down in the dumps.” Also, if someone is trying to perform certain tasks in a room without appropriate light levels, it can cause eyestrain and frustration. Appropriate lighting can energize a person or raise one’s spirit as well set the mood for different functions within the space.

HH: What is the first thing you look for when you’re considering a room’s lighting?

CM: The first thing a lighting designer should find out is how the room will be used, what activities will be happening in the space and how old are the people using the room. It is also important to know what the finishes are on the floor, walls and ceilings. More light is required for darker finishes.

HH: Are there different types of fixtures we should be using in certain rooms?

CM: There are always choices when it comes to lighting. For example, task lighting can be provided with recessed fixtures, track lighting, pendants or portable lamps. Ambient light could be provided by a ceiling fixture, wall sconces or indirect light bouncing off the wall from adjustable recessed fixtures. One fixture may be used in the kitchen of one home and a powder room in another. A lot depends on the person(s) using the space and what works best for them.

HH: What are your Top 5 tips to readers about adjusting or updating the lighting in their homes?


1. Think about your space and how it is used. What do you want the light to accomplish for you?

2. Plan for lighting at the beginning of the renovation project, not as an afterthought. It will save time and money and you will be happier in the end.

3. Seek advice. Just as you wouldn’t purchase a car without knowing it’s features, don’t purchase a light fixture without knowing what it will provide for you. Will it fit the requirement of what yo want the light to accomplish?

4. “Layer” light. By that I mean, don’t rely on one source of light for every activity. Provide different sources of light within a room so you have options. If your only source of light is rows of recessed fixtures the result will be very flat, uninteresting light that will not fulfill the requirement for all activities that will take place in that space. Each room should have a source for ambient, task and accent light.

5. Use controls (such as dimmers or occupancy/vacancy sensors). Dimmers will allow you to have different light levels for different functions and will lower the amount of watts used so you will save on your power bill. Occupancy/vacancy sensors will make sure the fixtures are off if no one is in the room, thus saving more power.’

Chris’ Highlight of the Week!

Each Saturday at 9am, one of our delightful team members will feature their favourite showroom piece.  You will be able to purchase it for 20% off, until the following Friday at 5pm!  Subscribe to our blog, so that you don’t miss the action.  Who knows, you may find that absolutely perfect light fixture!

Size: 20″D x 20″H Bulbs: 4 x 100 Watt Med Base + 50 Watt R20 Price: $1,873 less 20%

Celebrated by socks and perfected by golfers, argyle has long been one of life’s quirky pleasures. The Varaluz Argyle starts with New Bronze-finished recycled steel ribs backed by Desert Pearl-finished, double-stamped, recycled steel plate (say that three times fast).  Fancy a touch of bling? Silver glass frit coats the interior for a bit of sparkle.   Over your Dining Room table, your Kitchen island, your Foyer staircase or any place else you can imagine a beautiful argyle statement.  At 20% off, it’s yours for $1,498.40.

Lighting the Way

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Proper lighting can take a garden from a daytime beauty to a nighttime enchantment.  Landscape lighting increases the amount of time that you can enjoy your outdoor spaces.  It provides illumination for walkways and play, seating and entertainment areas.

Placing the right fixtures in just the right spots takes both technical know-how and an artistic eye.  This enchanted garden was the fruit of many hands and many creative minds.

Initial Concept – David Ripley, Beacon Hill Designs
Design and Landscaping – Kari Hjelkrem, Down to Earth Landscaping
Lighting Design and Installation – Mike Davies, Davies and O’Leary
Lighting Design – Mike Butler, Atlantic Lighting Studio
Photography – Deborah Nicholson, Deborah Nicholson Photography

and of course, Sheila McCurdy, Proud Owner

Share your vision for your outdoor space.  Our Lighting Specialists will handle the details.  We won’t lead you down the garden path, but we will light your way!

Bring Out the Best

HGTV’s Front Door lists changing out lighting as one of the five best value projects to add appeal to your home. 

pendants over piano

Lighting can affect a home’s value, according to HGTV’s Front Door. The publication recently stated that understanding the different types of home lighting is crucial to brightening a space in the correct way. Leslie Sellers, president of the Appraisal Institute, says, “lighting sets the overall mood for your home. Washing the walls with the correct light will make a room feel more inviting, and many times, much bigger.”

Lighting can completely transform a space by affecting mood, enhancing the design and architecture, facilitating specific tasks, and creating a focal point. A popular lighting trend is the use of LEDs (light-emitting diodes). Though more expensive than regular incandescent light bulbs, LEDs last much longer, are more durable, do not flicker and withstand temperature fluctuations.

chandelier in bathroom

To bring out the best in your home, it is imperative to understand the different types of light sources. For example, some areas, such as a kitchen, require task lighting, while other areas, such as a bathroom, may need more ambient lighting, and other rooms will need various light combinations.

Tell us how your lighting isn’t working for you and we’ll guide you toward solutions that work both functionally and beautifully.  Mention this post and receive 5% off of your next purchase at Atlantic Lighting Studio.  (Not valid with any other offers.)

– selected from September 2011 issue of Bright Ideas, American Lighting Association