TV Debut On Renovation Innovations!

Atlantic Lighting Studio has been invited to be the featured lighting designer and supplier on Eastlink TV’s home improvement show called Renovation Innovations!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACertified Lighting Consultant and Owner of Atlantic Lighting Studio, Chris MacQuarrie, will make her on screen appearance when the show airs in April.  That’s when Chris will shine as she enlightens and delights viewers with her knowledge and passion for lighting.

The host of Renovation Innovations, David Hamson, recognized the enthusiasm and passion that Chris and her team at Atlantic Lighting Studio have for the lighting needs of each and every client that contacts their studio.  David feels confident that Chris and her team represent the best in lighting knowledge and service and is thrilled to have them on his show.

We sat down with Chris earlier this week to ask her a few questions about her experience working on the show:

Blogger:  “What would you like the viewers of Renovation Innovations to know about Atlantic Lighting Studio?”

Chris: “We want people to understand that we specialize in lighting specification and design.  We have on our team a Certified Lighting Consultant, a certified Lighting Specialist, and two Accredited Interior Decorators.  Our training is ongoing and up-to-date.  We really understand how to address the lighting needs of our clients.  Whether we’re simply looking at a bulb, a lamp, or an entire home full of lighting solutions.”

Blogger:  “Does the general public know as much about lighting as you’d like them to?”

Chris:  “Often, homeowners and even builders, electricians and designers don’t realize the value that professional lighting design can bring to projects of all sizes.

A well-designed home will never look good, if the lighting is not done well, but even a less-than-stellar home will shine when good lighting solutions are applied.”

Blogger:  “Is it expensive to engage the services of a lighting professional at Atlantic Lighting Studio?”

Chris:  “No.  We tailor our service to meet the needs of our clients.  We supply lighting at all price levels and our design and specification services are geared so that people can select what they need.  We’re not here to sell and upsell, we’re here to offer solutions.   And, when you think of it; doing it wrong and then re-doing it, is far more costly than engaging the services of a professional so that you do it once and do it right.”

Blogger:  “Tell us about your experience on the set of Renovation Innovations?”

Chris:   “It was wonderful!  The camera crew and host, Dave, were so easy to work with.  They were fun, efficient and really knew their stuff!   The atmosphere they created allowed me to feel confident and calm.  I knew I was in good hands; which is precisely the atmosphere we have here at Atlantic Lighting Studio!”

Within the next couple of weeks, the camera crew will be on location at Atlantic Lighting Studio to capture the passion for lighting that exudes from Chris and her team.  They’ll be showcasing the well-designed studio and fabulous lighting options on display.  Renovation Innovations is expected to air at the end of April.  Congratulations Atlantic Lighting Studio!