Rooftight Design Centre Shines

We customize our relationships with builders, designers and architects to give them just what they need to meet their lighting goals. Some have resources to attend to all aspects of designing, specifying and sourcing lighting and simply ask us to fill their orders.  Others call on Atlantic Lighting Studio to handle the whole process – design lighting plans, determine the ideal fixtures and pull together cohesive, creative lighting that showcases their designs while keeping them on budget.

Between those two extremes, are clients like Rooftight Construction who rely on our expertise for parts of their process and have their own expertise to handle the rest. With this type of client, we mold ourselves to be what they need – sourcing when called upon, advising when asked and being a sounding board for new ideas.

Rooftight’s Michelle Reid is Director of Marketing and Design and columnist for the Homes Section of the Chronicle-Herald newspaper.  I recently visited Michelle and Director of Sales, Angie Garnier at Rooftight’s beautifully crafted Design Centre in Fall River.

It was so exciting to see their model home outfitted with well-chosen lighting that compliments the design and provides the right light for the family who will one day live in this stunning home.  Michelle, with her home-style-smarts and decerning eye for good, livable design, pulled together a well thought-out lighting plan, incorporating beautiful light fixtures.  Atlantic Lighting Studio supported her with exactly what she needed.  After all, Michelle’s goal and our’s is the same – to ensure that Rooftight homes shine!

Check out the lighting in the Rooftight Design Centre. Click on any image to start a full sized slideshow and see lighting design tips.

Photography by yours truly.

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Deborah’s Highlight of the Week

Each Friday at 9am, one of our delightful team members will feature their favourite showroom piece.  You will be able to purchase it for 20% off, until the following Friday at 5pm!  Subscribe to our blog, so that you don’t miss the action.  Who knows, you may find that absolutely perfect light fixture or accessory!

6163-3-23 wood

I just love this beautiful chandelier from Quorum! The iron accents are the perfect compliment for the wood-grain finish creating a striking focal point for any decor. $762.80 for one week only (original price $953.50).




Deborah’s Highlight Of The Week!

Each Friday at 9am, one of our delightful team members will feature their favourite showroom piece.  You will be able to purchase it for 20% off, until the following Friday at 5pm!  Subscribe to our blog, so that you don’t miss the action.  Who knows, you may find that absolutely perfect light fixture or accessory!

Concord Vanity 5064

I love this beautiful three light vanity from Quorum! With its satin nickel finish and stoneware base it’s a great combination of modern and organic and is highly versatile. On sale for one week for at $365.80 (regular price $457.25).

Cheers, Deborah!

Happy Customer!

We take great pride in our reputation for outstanding customer care and it is so lovely to have it acknowledged!

“I am absolutely thrilled with {my chandelier}.  I have to say that the level of service and attention that you provided to me from the onset of this transaction has been outstanding.  Being in the customer service industry I know how important it is to meet your customers needs and you have proved to me the impact it has on the customer when done right!” Valerie J. Ryan MBA, Chief Operating Officer  │ Empire Theatres Limited


Just thought we would share this with you. 🙂

Emma’s Highlight Of The Week!

Each Saturday at 9am, one of our delightful team members will feature their favourite showroom piece.  You will be able to purchase it for 20% off, until the following Friday at 5pm!  Subscribe to our blog, so that you don’t miss the action.  Who knows, you may find that absolutely perfect light fixture or accessory!

anvil lantern

New to the showroom, this wonderful Mission Style exterior lantern will look fabulous brightening your front entrance from either the inside or the out.  A quality Kichler pendant, 18.75″ H x 9″D, with easy-on-the-eyes-frosted glass.  Yours for $248.80 this week only (regular price $311).



Atlantic Lighting Studio Nominated for Outstanding Small Business Award

We are thrilled to announce that Atlantic Lighting Studio has been nominated for Outstanding Small Business in the 2012 Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

The awards ceremony is being held this Thursday, November 8th at the Old Orchard Inn and will be an opportunity to recognize and congratulate our outstanding valley businesses.

Our team here at Atlantic Lighting Studio would like to wish good luck to all the fabulous nominees!

Careful Placing for Recessed Lighting

Sadly, recessed downlights are sometimes installed above the places where people sit or stand.  This practice creates harsh shadows on people’s faces and/or causes shadows to be cast over work surfaces.   Since a fixed recessed downlight only provides a circle of light directly below the fixture, it is imperative to position it wisely.
Adjustable recessed fixtures offer a lot more flexibility in directing the light.   Bouncing light off the wall (while highlighting artwork) can be very effective when lighting living spaces. If your recessed lights have yet to be installed, talk to a lighting professional to make sure you are getting the  amount of light you need and in the right places.
There’s a dazzling array of options available in recessed lighting these days.  Before popping a whole lot of lights into your ceiling, talk to us about the right sizes, trims, bulbs and placement for your project.  Mention this post and you’ll receive 5% off your next purchase.  (Not valid with any other offer.)
Chris,  Mike,  Mary  and Deborah

Lighting for Older Eyes

Lighting Magazines: enLightenment

“Often, the first thing people notice is their loss of ability to see distance,” notes Terry McGowan, the American Lighting Association’s (ALA) director/engineering & technology and the owner of Lighting Ideas in Cleveland. “That happens around age 45 and is called presbyopia. By 60, most people have a ‘fixed focus’ optical system and need glasses. After age 60, eye and visual system changes accelerate so that less light reaches the eye. Therefore people need more light to see details.” Basically, the follow changes are occurring: reduced visual acuity (ability to see small details); reduced contrast sensitivity (harder to see differences between light and dark objects and surfaces); reduced color discrimination; longer time required to adapt to large and sudden differences in brightness; and increased sensitivity to glare.

Paul Eusterbrock, president of Holkötter International, a lighting manufacturer that has championed lighting developments and products to help aging eyes, agrees. “The main issue is the quality of light,” he says. “Research shows that a 60-year-old needs twice as much light as a 30-year-old. Most of the commonly found lighting guidelines are written with the 30-year-old user in mind,” Eusterbrock explains.  Therefore, as people age, they need roughly twice as much lighting than they think you do.

Eye fatigue during the day is another side effect. “Because the eye loses the ability to accommodate, the muscles of the eye have to work harder,” McGowan notes. “Eyes get tired faster, especially when doing difficult seeing tasks such as driving at night or reading fine print. The solution is to make seeing easier. This means not only reading large-print books, but reducing glare, setting up special lighting for task areas, and having regular eye exams (including retinal) to catch problems promptly.”

Lighting Magazines: enLightenment

According to McGowan, having a few table lamps on while watching TV can help reduce the contrast that occurs between the bright screen and the surrounding darkness of the room. Eusterbrock recommends a torchiere that provides an uplight as well downward illumination for versatility. This could be accomplished with a style that has a separate task light attached or by a torchiere with a glass bowl at the top that will bring some light downward. “I think it is one of the cheapest and best ways to light a room for someone with aging eyes,” he adds.

Is there a magic light bulb that will work for everyone? McGowan and Eusterbrock say no. “This may sound strange, but the perfect bulb is whichever one the user finds works best for them,” McGowan remarks. “Individual vision varies so much – especially as people age – that it’s difficult to develop lighting recipes that are one-size-fits-all,” he says.

It is indeed a matter of preference, agrees Eusterbrock. “There are fluorescents, halogens, and even LEDs bright enough for reading tasks,” he comments. “What’s most important is to have light that you can direct, such as a pivoting or adjustable head on a task lamp. Designs with a reflector [inside the head] are even more effective for focusing the light where you need it,” he suggests.

“I think the most important element is to have a lot of flexibility with your lighting,” McGowan comments. There should be lighting choices for each room and controls for them to vary the light. “The objective is to give the user – no matter what their age – the optimum amount of lighting when and where they want it,” he states. Whether you are old or young, the basic rules of good lighting apply: have sufficient illumination with little or no glare and use diffuse lighting to minimize shadows. If energy savings is a concern, McGowan recommends selecting CFL and LED bulbs with a warm tone (it will read 2700-3000K on the box) and a high color-rendering index of 90 or more.

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Lighting the Way

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Proper lighting can take a garden from a daytime beauty to a nighttime enchantment.  Landscape lighting increases the amount of time that you can enjoy your outdoor spaces.  It provides illumination for walkways and play, seating and entertainment areas.

Placing the right fixtures in just the right spots takes both technical know-how and an artistic eye.  This enchanted garden was the fruit of many hands and many creative minds.

Initial Concept – David Ripley, Beacon Hill Designs
Design and Landscaping – Kari Hjelkrem, Down to Earth Landscaping
Lighting Design and Installation – Mike Davies, Davies and O’Leary
Lighting Design – Mike Butler, Atlantic Lighting Studio
Photography – Deborah Nicholson, Deborah Nicholson Photography

and of course, Sheila McCurdy, Proud Owner

Share your vision for your outdoor space.  Our Lighting Specialists will handle the details.  We won’t lead you down the garden path, but we will light your way!


Our blog is brand new but soon it will prove to be enlightening for those who imagine their lives illuminated with lighting solutions that are both beautiful and functional.

While we’re gathering our collective lighting expertise and ideas into helpful blog posts, we would be delighted to answer your questions and guide you in your lighting search.

Lighting doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require expertise to make the right choices.  Whether you’re searching for that one perfect fixture, redoing a room or starting from the ground up, you’ll find our team of Lighting Specialists at 902-542-3431 or at or at 16 Elm Ave. in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

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