Hyperbolic LED Recessed Lighting

Are you tired of having the glow of a recessed light distracting your eyes away from the wonderful space you are trying to light? We found an interesting article from Juno Lighting that introduces a new technology that makes recessed lighting more approachable.

In 2014, Juno Lighting released a technology called a hyperbolic LED trim, also known as “Silent Ceiling” for 4, 5, and 6 inch Juno LED luminaries that was crafted to reduce the glare of a recessed light and also maximize luminaire efficiency in your home.

This detailed diagram shows the difference between the hyperbolic reflector and the standard cone reflector.



“The hyperbolic shape takes advantage of the directional nature of LED light sources, spreading and directing light down toward the work plane.” (Juno Lighting, 2014).


The visual difference between the hyperbolic LED trim versus the standard trims is outstanding. Your eyes are drawn to the beautiful space being lit – instead of the glare of the recessed lighting. By changing the shape of the reflector from a cone to a hyperbolic style, it provides better light distribution for LED sources.

Careful Placing for Recessed Lighting

Sadly, recessed downlights are sometimes installed above the places where people sit or stand.  This practice creates harsh shadows on people’s faces and/or causes shadows to be cast over work surfaces.   Since a fixed recessed downlight only provides a circle of light directly below the fixture, it is imperative to position it wisely.
Adjustable recessed fixtures offer a lot more flexibility in directing the light.   Bouncing light off the wall (while highlighting artwork) can be very effective when lighting living spaces. If your recessed lights have yet to be installed, talk to a lighting professional to make sure you are getting the  amount of light you need and in the right places.
There’s a dazzling array of options available in recessed lighting these days.  Before popping a whole lot of lights into your ceiling, talk to us about the right sizes, trims, bulbs and placement for your project.  Mention this post and you’ll receive 5% off your next purchase.  (Not valid with any other offer.)
Chris,  Mike,  Mary  and Deborah